You downloaded the installer but it did not install correctly?
Make sure you are installing to your main drive, not an external drive. After you have installed you can move the audio samples to any external drive you want, next time you open the plug-in it will ask you to locate them.

You are looking for your download link?
Just log in to our website in the top right!
Then the download link will be in the top right!

You downloaded the installer but there is an error opening?
Likely means that there was an issue with the download. Try connecting to better internet and downloading again. Also make sure you have enough free space on your drive.

How to pay with Euros?
Underneath the BUY NOW button there is a PAY WITH EUROS button which allows you to use European checkout options.
You must be logged in to see this option.

Need an invoice?
Please forward your email receipt and include all your personal info you want included (Name, Address, VAT info) to contact@skystudiosplugins.com.

Why don't you accept PayPal?
Unfortunately we had to change our webhost because our previous one had too many issues. Our current one unfortunately does not accept PayPal.
You can pay with European checkout options and pay with Euros by clicking the PAY WITH EUROS button underneath the BUY NOW button on the homepage.
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Crashing when audio file dragged and dropped?
This bug has been fixed! Please download the updated plugin in your account page.

Not able to find plug-in in Logic Pro X or Garageband?
Make sure you are opening the plugin as an instrument plug-in at the top of a midi channel not an effect plugin!
Sometimes Logic does not scan for plugins every time its opened. Try restarting a few more times if it's not displaying in your plug-in manager.

Want to install plugin to separate drive?
You must initially install the plugin to your computers internal hard drive,
but after that you can manually move the samples to an external drive or any other location and remove them from your main drive!
Next time you open the plugin it will simply ask where the files where moved to.
Samples location:
Mac OSX: /Library/Application Support/S.K.Y. Studios
Windows: Samples:. C:/Documents/S.K.Y. Studios

Can't find the plugin files? Not sure if they are on your computer?
Check here:
Locations of files
VST3: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/
AU: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/component
AAX: Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins
Samples: Library/Application Support/S.K.Y. Studios

VST3: C:/ProgramFiles/Common Files/VST3
AAX: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins
Samples: C:/Documents/S.K.Y. Studios

If those don't solve your issues please email us at:

If reporting an issue with a plug-in, please include a screenshot of problem if applicable.
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